Stories of Doubt: Karissa’s story

 Stories of Doubt is a Doubters Anonymous series featuring the reflections of members of the community. Stories are shared in a spirit of understanding and healing, and reflect the personal beliefs and experiences of the person sharing, not necessarily the group as a whole. We are always accepting new stories and would love to hear yours at



Babies startle, look up when the bells of the censer                                                                    

start jingling. The hymn begins quietly: Taste and see


that the Lord is good. Bodies crowd into                                                                                                

the middle aisle and a godfather says to his godson,


Let’s go eat Jesus. Can you taste a god? When the priest                                                                

tilts the spoon, the liquid trickles onto my tongue,


bitter as wilting petals around the Mother’s face.                                                          

Expectation is thick as incense smoke here,


with each kiss given to a saint, a prayer passed.

Silent witnesses to our suffering, or your faithfulness.


They are the only ones who stand up for you.                                                                                    

No one hated you as much as I did when


the thorns ripped my hands as I picked fruit

from the gooseberry bush. No one gives you credit


for the ones you save when the earth or its waters                                                                        

roar up, eat their fill of humans. Like a mother


deer, I herd my younglings to light candles before                                                                          

the icons of their respective saints, perform


the tasks that I’ve been genetically programmed

to do. Is that right? We are the puppets


you handle on strings, you laugh at our backward

bends, awkward moves. I teach my children


to obey this dance, I hear their voices implore you.

Why do you always expect me to believe?


I’ve waited too long, and now the light is extinguished.

DSC_0099 (2) (1)

Karissa Knox Sorrell is a poet and ESOL teacher from Nashville, Tennessee. She is the author of the poetry chapbook Evening Body and a contributor to the anthology Soul Bare, forthcoming from InterVarsity Press in August 2016. She often processes her faith wrestling through writing and reading poetry. Connect with Karissa at or on Twitter @KKSorrell. 





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