Doubters Anonymous is a safe place for skeptics, dissidents, and other spiritual misfits wrestling with questions surrounding the Christian faith.


Who We Are

Doubters Anonymous is a refuge for those who find themselves secretly questioning black and white beliefs in a world turned increasingly grey.

Maybe you are just beginning to acknowledge the forbidden questions that keep bubbling up to the surface of your mind. Or maybe you’re already worn out from a lifetime of being a square peg in a round, one-size-fits-all type of spiritually. Perhaps you’ve even given up on traditional faith altogether, but still find yourself inexplicably confronted by the same old unanswerable questions. Whoever you are, if you find yourself searching for a corner of the world where you can let your soul be its truest self, uninhibited, Doubters Anonymous is for you.

We are an intimate online community of seekers, wrestling together through ideas of God and spirituality, faith and mystery. We are learning to face the hard questions, and to let them go unanswered. So you see, you are not alone. We are here, too, working our way through the realities of faith in a new age. We hope you’ll join us.


Join Us

If you need a place to express your deepest questions without fear, we hope you’ll join us in the private group. But you can also join the public conversation on twitter, facebook, instagram, or on the blog.

You can learn a little more about Doubters Anonymous by reading how we started.